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At HoneyBear Films we believe your wedding day should be your wedding day, not one long photoshoot. We want to capture genuine moments and that’s not something we can do if there are cameras in your face, putting you on edge. With us it’ll feel like we’re barely there as we capture the hidden moments of the day.



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Catie + Will

“I know I can be indecisive at times, but one thing I know with complete certainty is that you are the person I want to spend the rest of my life with.”

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Jessica + Florence

“Love belongs to each moment of every day. It is here and now. It is the feeling of bliss when I hear you walking toward me or see your face at the end of a long day. It is the warmth and safety of your embrace. It is the certainty that I am living my best life if it is with you. It is deciding, in every fleeting moment of life, to vote yes.”

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Dana + Dean

He enticed her with dreams of being the wife of a global football superstar, only for her to realise his Australian jersey was for… the futsal team… But it was too late. She was in love.

Capturing Heart-warming

Moments in Weddings Across NSW

Wedding Videography and Photography For Sydney Couples Who Want The Handcrafted Feel

HoneyBear is a team of award-winning videographers in Sydney who film fun, candid wedding videos with a handcrafted, story-driven feel. Our videography and photography is candid, natural and documentary in style. You’ll barely know we’re there as we capture the hidden moments of the day.

How Our Videographers Make Handcrafted Wedding Videos

At our Sydney studio our videography and photography team have created affordable packages which put the focus on editing. You’re unique. Your love is unique. You deserve a wedding video which stands out and tells your specific story. By spending extra time during the post production process our videographers are able to pick out specific things you’ve said during your wedding vows or speeches which tell us who you are and seamlessly blend them into the visuals. We don’t just copy and paste the ‘I do’s’. It could be an off hand comment, it could be a story someone tells about you, it could be the way you laugh. We find these moments and celebrate them.

Who Are Our Team of Wedding Videographers?

We’re hopeless romantics. We’ve filmed hundreds of wedding videos in Sydney alone and we’re still moved by each person’s story. We’re filmmakers. We don’t just point a camera at the action and press record. We have years of training in composition, lighting and various camera techniques to give your film a cinematic, yet candid feel. We’re passionate. We do this for the love of it. We want to tell all your stories. We want to make as many videos as possible. So we’ve made hiring a videographer as affordable as we can. Fill out an enquiry form and get in touch with our Sydney team to take a look at some of our wedding videography and photography packages and let us tell your story.

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