The decision on whether to have a small or big wedding doesn’t just depend on how many people you know and love. It also revolves around the kind of experience you’d like to have before and ON your wedding day. 

Are you looking at more or less than 100 guests? How about your Sydney wedding photography and videography package? Will your wedding videographer be able to capture the vibe of the party or will it be a series of shots of you shuffling from table to table to say hello to everyone in your wedding video? 


We’ll talk about the benefits of small and intimate weddings so you can decide what’s best for you and your partner. 

Wedding planning will be smoother and simpler


Both bride and groom are given more flexibility over the timeline. There are a lot less logistics to consider when you’re not working with a huge crowd. You won’t have to worry about seating arrangements, there’ll be a lot less guest demands to worry about and it won’t feel like there’s people you barely know staring at you while you try to have fun. 

Spend the day with the people who matter the most


Because the celebration is more intimate, you won’t be hurrying around to speak to each and every visitor. You won’t have to work to a strict schedule where you’re rushed through the day and before you know it your wedding is over and you feel like you were barely there.  The day can be much less formal, with the focus being on you experiencing the day with the people closest to you.

Quality over quantity 


It’s a lot easier for people to mingle as they’re not restricted to assigned seating the entire time. If you’ve attended a large wedding, you’ll know how hard it can be to get a moment with the couple to congratulate them before they’re whisked away to talk to the next guest. Plus, the catering budget allocated for extra guests could go towards other purposes. That’s money that can go to your honeymoon or even a house deposit!

Intimate venues provide unique sceneries – better photos and videos to cherish


Small, intimate weddings can be done more affordably on private properties. When looking at different kinds of Sydney wedding films and photos online, how many of them look like they’re done in the same place? Thousands of brides have had their wedding photos taken in front of the Sydney Opera House or The Harbour Bridge. Popular venues that cater to large and extravagant weddings can dilute the uniqueness of the scenery. 

A small scale wedding allows the opportunity to create something special with your Sydney wedding videographer to showcase exactly who you are as a couple. So consider hosting on a private property of a friend, hire out a piece of land and put up a marquee or even put on a backyard party. 

There’s truly nothing like the feeling of the arrival of your wedding day. Whether you’ve opted for a large or small celebration, what matters is deciding on a lifelong commitment with your soulmate and sharing this special occasion with your family and friends is beyond a doubt, one of the most special moments in your life.