Whether you plan to employ a freelance wedding videographer or delegate the vital moments of the ceremony and reception to a professional studio, the wedding video is one of the most significant aspects of weddings. It’s natural to not even think about the video on the wedding day – you’ll be too preoccupied with the present – but once the ceremony is done, most people’s attention immediately switches to your wedding film, which you’ll be showing to your friends and family for years to come. You’ll have it on social media, youtube, a hard drive, and DVDs to look back on, cherish and remember. 

What makes a good wedding video?

It’s all about the editing. That’s what distinguishes a good wedding video from a terrible one. A talented filmmaker can make a beautiful wedding film whether they’re shooting with a cinema-grade camera or an iPhone. Because it’s not about the pixels or the colors, it’s about being able to create a feeling, build a story and transport you back to the wedding day. It will make you cry, laugh, smile and make you want to look back and watch this film for many years to come. 

Many wedding studios use the most expensive and best equipment, but this is not enough to tell your story. It is in the skill of the wedding shooter, and how they use the equipment they are provided with. When it comes to professional wedding videographers in Sydney, you want someone whose videos tell your story as a couple. The journey of your meeting from the beginning till this new milestone in your shared life, in a video that captures the tone of your wedding day.

Traits of Good Wedding Films

In order for the wedding video to have a comprehensive recounting of the story all of the formalities must be captured in full from multiple angles. It needs to be in focus, stable, and well-lit. There should be multiple audio sources to get the most consistent, crisp audio for each different part of the day. Audio is normally plugged into the celebrant or DJ’s system, a lapel microphone is put on the groom and an external recorder captures the room tone.

When looking for a wedding videography package in Sydney – beyond prices, you must also consider the artistic flair and editing style your potential vendor uses in their videos. Have a look at their portfolio. Is there editing to your taste? Will they execute your vision? Below we’ve provided links to the kind of wedding videos shot and edited by HoneyBear Films, focusing on Candid Wedding Videography

At HoneyBear Films, we focus on a candid style. Candid is defined as being honest, real, and authentic. Candid wedding videography is all about capturing moments in their most natural environment, without asking the groom, bride, and guests to pose for the shots. 

It’s about showing spontaneity and removing the possibility of the people involved in becoming too conscious. Candid videos are mainly shot in motion, showing a real-life feel. With each film appearing realistic and contemporary,

Below are some samples of our best Candid Videography Wedding Highlights & Documentaries shot in Sydney 


Candid Highlight Film

Extended Highlight Film

Basic Full Length Film of Ceremony & Reception

Full Length All Day Documentary


How Honeybear Films Can Create A Video You’ll Cherish For Years to Come 

Here at Honeybear Films, we strive to capture the day as it naturally happens and have it feel like we were barely there at all. We’re unobtrusive. This helps you enjoy the day without cameras in your face and allows us to sneakily get our shots of real moments. Leaves us in the end with a wedding video that captures the day as it naturally happened, edited into a highlight film that tells your real love story.

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