A sight we love to see at Honeybear Films is the pureness of your wedding day.

Whether it’s during rain, hail, or a warm sunny day. Honeybear Films is there to capture your most authentic selves in all kinds of beauty.

Here in Sydney, we regularly see all kinds of weather, from the hottest heat waves to the rainiest days. Whether it’s flood season or fire season, we still get married..


Through the years, we’ve seen all types of couples who were heartbroken that it was drizzling during their wedding day. BUT, take it from a seasoned wedding videographer, rain DOESN’T need to spoil your wedding films! 


There are so many opportunities for great shots.

    • A caring groom holding an umbrella over his wife as they walk through the rain.
    • Picture some lovely images of water droplets on the bedroom window as you’re getting ready.
    • The lighting on these days is beautiful so you won’t be dealing with bright, uneven sunny spots on your face.
    • And if you’re brave enough, doing a little dancing in the rain in your wedding gown can make for the most epic photos.
    • Be creative of how to use umbrellas – use it as a prop, show the enjoyable and funny side of your special day with your Sydney wedding videographer and photographer.


Rain may not be how you pictured your wedding day, but don’t let it rain on your parade! 

In fact, these are the moments that can make your photos and videos beautiful! Yes, it took hours to get your hair and makeup done and your dress may get just a tad bit wet. But your day will remain flawless and so will your wedding videos & photos. 

Make the most of this opportunity! Kiss your partner under the rain, and enjoy the rest of the day. Getting married is a once in a lifetime occasion.


Would you rather avoid rain at all costs? We’ve prepared some tips below to plan for a Wet Weather Wedding: 

    1. Clear Umbrellas
      • Buy some clear umbrellas to prepare for emergencies. They look great and your Sydney wedding photography & videography team will be able to capture the most magical footage.
    2. Back up location
      • Prepare an indoor location to serve as back up for the ceremony.
    3. Flexible timeline
      • Adjust your schedule so when the rain clears you can jump outside for some Sydney wedding photography.
    4. Positive attitude
      • Have fun, relax, and stay calm no matter what circumstances happen. Enjoy when it rains because this isn’t something people can stop. May as well dance and sing in the rain. Plus, you’ll see some amazing photos and videos if you do.

Are you looking for Sydney Wedding Photography & Videography? We’ve been filming and shooting weddings for over a decade and have learnt so many ways to help our clients have the best wedding day. 

Do reach out if there’s a subject you’d like us to write about, or a quotation/meet-up to discuss filming your special day.