Video cameras can be found everywhere. At a school play, parents point their phones to their performing kids. If you’re watching a parade, there’s thousands of people pointing video cameras and smartphones to shoot the activity. And video cameras are even more important when shooting a wedding. Looking for wedding video packages in Sydney, there are many things to consider if you are looking for cinematography and/or videography. In this blog, Honeybear Films will examine the areas of expertise of wedding videographers and wedding cinematographers so you have a greater comprehension of who does what on artistic video productions.


What precisely are cinematography and videography?

One question we often get asked is “What is the difference between wedding videography and wedding cinematography?” While both videography and cinematography are concerned with gathering clear images, their approaches to the skill of creating films are distinct.


Videography is the practice of documenting moments and live instances. Videographers typically take on smaller video production jobs like filming weddings, live events, or concerts. Videographers frequently work solo or in a small group and are self taught They are there to record footage. This is their main goal, to capture the event on video in the simplest way possible.

Cinematographers tend to have a lot more training and experience than a videographer and this will show in their work. They aren’t just there to capture the event, they’re there to create a film which will make you feel what it was like to be there. They use colour, composition, lighting, camera angles and movement to create much more artistic shots which are on the level of high end photographers.

How to assess whether a videographer or cinematographer is required for a task.

Motion videos are created by both videographers and cinematographers. Although there is some overlap, each profession requires a different set of skills and abilities. Knowing what kind of finished product you want to see will aid you in deciding if a wedding videographer or wedding cinematographer is right for you. 

To identify what wedding photography and videography packages you require, take into consideration the following elements of a wedding:

    • The wedding size and style
    • How many guests will be attending the wedding and what type of ceremony (Cultural ceremony, Church, Garden Wedding, City Wedding etc)
    • The wedding budget
    • How comfortable you and your partner are in front of cameras
    • Whether you’d like to feel like you’re in a movie or be left alone on the day.

Choosing a Wedding Videographer in Sydney to capture every moment.

Videographers are more focused on the moment.  They do not really spend as much time planning ahead and, depending on the job, might not be aware of the shooting environment. Handling cameras and recording sound are their primary responsibilities.


Best traits found in wedding cinematographers

It takes quick on-the-go thinking to be able to capture footage when you’re moving. Cinematographers have a lot more experience and training than videographers at handling cameras so they are snappy during unpredictable scenarios like a live wedding. 


Other practical abilities that aid cinematographers and the best wedding videographers in creating outstanding work include:


An eye for the perfect perspectives: When photographing live weddings, they assess the environment and choose the optimal angles so they don’t miss any key points such as walking down the aisle, father-daughter dance, speeches from loved ones, etc.

Timeliness and flexibility: Showing up on the location ready with all the gear needed, such as top of the line video cameras, lenses, additional batteries, memory cards, lighting, microphones and every type of adaptor known to man so the videographer can respond to the event’s particular needs. At Honeybear Films, we are punctual and professional at all times. 

Leadership: When operating alone or with a small crew, they exercise control by directing the shoot. They’ll lead the couple through what they need to do when this is needed and make sure their other shooters are in the right spot at the right time.

Post-production expertise: HoneyBear Films are experts in editing. All done from our studio in Sydney, our cinematographers and videographers work with editors with a great knowledge of story, editing programs, sound engineering and colour grading. 

The various work that a videographer may undertake.

Videographers focus on recording live events, such as concerts, birthdays, and providing professional wedding videography services as well as working in post-production as video editors.

Cinematography and artistic direction.

Directors of photography (DP), a term that is frequently used to refer to cinematographers, are essential to the process of making movies. Some of these cinematographers also work in weddings bringing with them a different eye and experience. When working on movies they are in charge of arranging and planning every aspect of a film project, including:


Production: Assure that the creative direction is carried out, collaborate with camera operators to achieve artistically accurate camera movement and pictures, and modify exposure, framing, and composition to adhere to the artistic vision.

Pre-production: To come up with ideas for the project’s creative direction, create a storyboard, enlist the production crew, reserve sites or venues for the shoot, and coordinate and work with the project’s director.

Post-production: Before submitting footage for post-production editing, evaluate the colour grading and color palette. At Honeybear Films, we provide different wedding styles and colour grades that appeal to each client and suit their wedding vision.