multiple videographers for wedding

One of the most important parts of planning a wedding is finding the right videographer. That’s why we’ve compiled all our knowledge of weddings and post-wedding services and gathered it here.

Wondering how many videographers you need for your wedding? Honeybear Films specializes in weddings and working with different types of clients, we’ve found that one videographer is often not enough. The quality of the film and overall length of the finished film can be better with 2 or more videographers to capture all the detail depending on the number of guests, size of the venue, and type of wedding planned – indoors, outdoors, or both?

Here’s an easy guide to help you decide how many videographers you need to hire!

How many videographers do you need for a wedding?

Wedding videography is a booming industry because more people are doing it for their big day every year. In recent years, surveillance and drone technology have made it easier and safer for videographers to capture breathtaking shots from up high.

However, you will need everything from a quality camera lens to the best videographers in the event that your album conveniently falls off the bottom edge of your computer screen at just the wrong moment.

If you’re on a budget and struggling to find the right fit, consider just one videographer. If you want multiple angles of your ceremony, then you’ll need two or more videographers. Three is the ideal amount for most brides who don’t need both indoor and outdoor shots for every angle with close videos of family and service.

Planning a wedding with one videographer

The most important thing to think about is that you don’t need a videographer with every event. The weddings of today require a bit more than they used to, but there are plenty of people who enjoy a wedding video but don’t need the full run-documentary video that they used to get a few years back.

If you’re looking to avoid spending hours coordinating with a videographer, and yet still have amazing memories from your wedding, you could consider going with just one videographer. If you go this route, just know that there’s always time for cuts during the day, and hope that any photos that are missed won’t have as much impact on your day.

Pros and cons of one vs two or three videographers

A camera is an essential item for any videographer. It gives the videographer a moment of peace and allows them to focus on their craft.

You might also have to maintain close relationships with a number of different vendors such as the photographer, florist, or DJ. In comparison, a wedding planner will guarantee your event free from logistical concerns. This is because it has been planned and executed in advance – which you can recharge the bank account!

Pros: You can plan to do very minimal preplanning, and on the day, pulling a trick out your less messy planning ahead.- No nervous breakdowns when trying to know what to do if something goes wrong in the wedding.- The cheaper option- No potential of disastrous surprises that occurs during an event you are unaware/thinks it’s planless!

Cons: A lot of stress on the one videographer resulting in lack of focus.- Worst case scenario, is your one videographer getting sick or their car breaks down?

Two or Three Videographers Method:- It involves spreading around your time and hassle. Refocusing via cinematography with film cameras rather than traditional digital SLR cameras from renting


A total of seven skilled videographers should be part of your team. If more than one videographer is needed, find the average price per person to come up with the correct stopping point.

Honeybear Films specializes in wedding and event videography, capturing the once-in-a-lifetime moments of your big day. A professional videographer is essential to our team as we believe there are moments that are best captured through still images. This is why we work with a full-time photographer who will come to your event and discreetly capture all the moments that you’ll want to remember. Contact us now!