What makes a good wedding video?

A good wedding video is all about the edit. A lot of companies use lots of fancy gear to give the illusion of quality, yet at the end of the day their films look like they were made by a toaster. A good filmmaker could make a great wedding film even if they were shooting on their phone. A good film will tell you the story of the day in a way that makes you feel like you’re there. It’ll make you cry, make you laugh, make your heart skip a beat and won’t for a second feel staged. When looking at wedding filmmakers, choose the ones who’s films tell you a story, make you feel something and don’t all look the same.

Why are your films different?

We’re not just people who’ve picked up a camera and taught ourselves to make wedding videos because we thought it’d be a good business. We’re filmmakers who’ve trained at some of the top film schools and gained experience on feature films and TV shows. We’ll go the extra mile and make sure your film is unique to you. Most wedding companies hire others to edit their film and pay them minimum wage to do it or outsource to India. They pay a team to do your film for half the price they’re charging you and they pocket the rest. This leaves no room to spend an extra day making the film just that little bit better. All our editing is done in house and we take very little profit. This way we can afford the best editors in the industry and allow them to take their time in making your film perfect without charging you more. Because we’re not in this to get rich off brides, we’re in this because we love making films and we’re hopeless romantics.

Do you do same day edits?

Unfortunately this is one of the only things we won’t do. In order to do a same day edit you need to work from a template and sacrifice quality. We refuse to lower the quality of our films. If you’re willing to wait a few weeks your film will be unique to you and we guarantee it’ll be worth it.


Do you do photography?

Yes we do! If you visit www.honeybearpictures.com you can check out our gallery and packages.

If you book both photography and film with us, we’ll knock $300 off the price. We’re also more than happy to recommend other photographers if you’d like a different style. Choosing the right photographer is very important and their work should reflect your personality.

Why do you use licensed music?

When you buy the license it gives you the right to share your film on Facebook or YouTube without it being taken down or having ads run on it. Also, we believe artists should be paid for their work, so it’s just a bit of good karma. If you already have a song in mind we can try to get the rights to use it or we’ll find a song we can license which sounds similar. You get final say on all music.

What does static camera mean?

The static camera is a camera we put on a tripod at the back of the ceremony and reception in order to record all the major events of the day. This is nothing fancy, it’s just so you have the footage of the day. This allows our cinematographers to run around getting more artistic shots for the highlight film. For most weddings this is more than enough to cover the ceremony, speeches, cake cutting and first dance. However, if you’d like a little something more we also offer a documentary package where you’ll get a full length edited film of the entire day filmed by one of our cinematographers. It’ll look just like we’ve made a documentary about your wedding. We normally recommend the documentary package if your wedding has lots of events outside of the basic ceremony and reception such as a Chinese tea ceremony, the groom collecting the bride from her house or cultural dance pieces.

What’s it like to work with you on the day?

Very easy! We let the photographer run the show and we capture the candid, intimate moments that happen naturally. We don’t use lots of gear that’ll get in the way, it’s just us with our cameras disappearing into the background.


What’s the difference between a videographer and a cinematographer?

Lots of people have different definitions, but for us, cinematographers are more highly trained and experienced in the artistic side of filming than videographers. Videographers are self taught. They know a bit about cameras so they’ve found a way to make a living videoing people. Cinematographers are trained and have been mentored by very experienced veterans of the film world. Videographers simply capture the wedding, whereas cinematographers will use their knowledge of framing, lighting, colour and movement to add depth to your film and bring an emotional connotation to every shot. With a cinematographer you’re not just paying for the camera, you’re paying for the artistic ability.

What package do you recommend most?

Each couple is different, so we create a unique package just for your day, but… The HoneyBear package is our favourite. By having two cinematographers you limit any risk of missing key moments throughout the day. If you use one cinematographer they have to capture the bride coming down the aisle and swing around to get the groom’s reaction at the same time. With two, one can capture the entire walk whilst the other gets an uninterrupted view of the groom. There are lots of moments like this throughout the day, so we always prefer the two shooters you get with the HoneyBear package.

It also keeps your costs down by capturing the entire ceremony from the static camera. Most couples will only watch their full length film once every ten years, so it doesn’t need to be fancy. By focusing on the highlight film, it allows us to create something short and sweet which you can watch thousands of times and share around.

Do you offer drones?

We do, but we always recommend only using them for the photo shoot. Drones are loud and distracting. Trust us, you don’t want that buzzing when you’re saying your vows. So be wary of companies trying to push a drone on you just so they can raise their price.